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In Word there is a item under the "Insert" menu called Date and Time and there are all kinds of formats there, and an option to set as "Default". I don't have that option in Excel sadly.

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The closest I can get is 'format cells'. Bloody Microsoft! Well, if you have a legitimate copy of Office , then you are entitled to support from MS. I would call them up, and at the very least you can complain. A complaint might lead into a patch. One more thought: It may be a problem that has already been fixed via an update.

Micosoft Office for Mac-change installed language

Strange - works fine on here. If there's any settings you want me to check let me know - I haven't changed anything so they should be default. Shadrack - It is a legit copy, my GF uses it for work - I did not realise it included support. I will look into that.

Also it has had all the updates. But why change it if it initially shows it it the right format? For now we just set it as a custom format and truthfully it is not a major issue, but it works in the Windows version and frankly I expect better than this from Mac software!

Hey hey, I dont blame Apple for this, there are plenty of posts on this forum that show off how BAD Microsoft Office is, use Apple Numbers, thats a real spreadsheet program, Excel is just a joke.

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Ah right, I didn't realise you didn't want the year. I've often had date formatting issues with MS Office in the past and the only way I've got past it is to use the custom field too. You would think it would use your regional settings or have a better way of handling it in the format menu.

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Try the following: Once you've done this, restart Excel and you should now be able to always type your dates in Excel in this format. Anyways I found a way around it:.

Excel ignores UK date format - Apple MacOS - Neowin

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All of the East Asian language fonts and tools are available for use in the application. Close any open Office applications.

Changing the language of Microsoft Office 2011 Home & Business Edition

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