Mac mini wireless keyboard not connecting

The trick here is to get your Mac to forget that there are devices connected, so that it asks to pair the keyboard and mouse again.

Unboxing Apple Mac Mini, wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad.

All we needed to do was disconnect the wireless mouse, which has a little USB dongle that it connects to, and turn off the Bluetooth keyboard itself. As soon as we did all of that, boom, her Mac Mini asked her to connect the Bluetooth keyboard, then the wireless mouse. Once she powered up the keyboard, she was able to enter her password and be on her merry way. I asked her not to turn off Bluetooth before she shut the computer down again, just in case.

Have you ever had this happen to you?

Whoops! Reconnect Your Bluetooth Keyboard And Mac After Logging Out [OS X Tips]

Refer to the table below for more information on determining the Bluetooth status. If the Bluetooth icon doesn't appear, or if the menu bar status continues to indicate that Bluetooth is off, restart your computer and then try to turn Bluetooth on again. For the fastest battery charging performance, be sure your device is switched on when connected to the Lightning to USB Cable. To check the battery level of these devices, click the Bluetooth icon in your Mac's menu bar, then select your device by name.

If the battery level of any device is low, recharge the device. If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't recognized by your Mac after following the tips above, try turning the wireless device off, waiting a few seconds, and then turning it back on. If tracking issues occur, try these options:. Use the Keyboard Viewer to test whether the keyboard keys are responding correctly when they are pressed.

If you enable the Mouse Keys feature, many keys might not respond as you expect. Here's how to turn off Mouse Keys:. Open Menu Close Menu Apple. If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't working as expected Try these steps to fix issues with your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad.

Your device isn't recognized by your Mac Your mouse, keyboard, or trackpad intermittently stops responding Your mouse doesn't scroll up or down or side to side Your mouse or trackpad doesn't track as expected Your keyboard has one or more keys that don't respond. Your device isn't recognized by your Mac Follow these steps if your mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't recognized by your Mac.

Make sure that your wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad is turned on The Magic Mouse and Magic Mouse 2 have a slide switch on the bottom of the device. Bluetooth turned on and at least one wireless device is connected. When this icon flashes, at least one wireless device has a low battery.

Steps for a wireless keyboard

Bluetooth is off. Bluetooth is offline or unavailable. Restart your Mac.

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  • MacMini will not pair with wireless keyboard..

The only way to check is to unpair the keyboard with your machine, pair it with another, test, and if it works, unpair and pair again. Something of a pain in practice. Also, there are multiple places on OS X where keyboard behaviour can be modified, i. There is actually no evidence that the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard even supports a reset function. Apple state in their troubleshooting documents that you reset the keyboard by turning it off, then on again.

Does that fix the problem outlined above — nope — but the steps above do. Go figure.

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As far as Bluetooth technology is concerned, there is no requirement for the device, such as a keyboard, to have any settings that might need resetting. When you make a pairing between a device and its host computer, it is the host the remembers the pairing by noting the hardware identifier supplied by the device during the pairing process.

Setup New Mac Mini with Wireless Keyboard

I spent a fair amount of time trying to resolve this problem for myself, digging through plenty of irrelevant articles before I found what I was looking for. None of them suggested that there was an official, documented or even undocumented way of doing a reset on an Apple keyboard. This is a bit of a last resort, and will affect other Bluetooth connected devices, including your Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which may have been working fine. This will remove all existing pairing information for Bluetooth devices , so each will need to be reconnected. You need to have the Bluetooth icon showing in the menu bar.

Once the menu is showing, release the keys. But please, help humanity by taking the time to describe your actual problem, otherwise how on earth is anyone expected to help you. Lets see what happens. It does work for sure. You have to turn off the keyboard first just like it says above.

If your Apple wireless mouse, keyboard, or trackpad isn't working as expected

I then went to the window to set up bluetooth keyboard and then tilted the keyboard sideways on my knee and held the power button during the whole process, until the code came up for me to type in. With my free hand I clicked to connect to the keyboard when it was discovered still holding the power button. When I received the code, I stopped pressing the power button and typed in the code.

My grandson has a MacBook Air whose keyboard is unresponsive. He cannot get past the sign on screen. I have not tried to connect a wireless keyboard …. Cheers — Marin. You seem to have tried a PRAM reset but it should be Cmd-Opt-P-R, and you should here the chime when the Apple logo appears at startup, keep the keys pressed until you have heard the chime twice to be sure , but also try an SMC reset Shutdown, not sleep , then hold Shift-Ctl-Opt on the left side only and also hold Power for 10 seconds, release all keys then press Power as normal to switch on.

Thank you for your help. My problem was that the keyboard icon appeared in the Bluetooth list of my Macbook Air but I kept getting a message that it would not connect.

Your mouse or keyboard intermittently stops responding

I found in the end that the solution for me was to remove the keyboard and then add it again. Once it was rediscovered, the code appeared and now everything is fine. Borrow any wired USB keyboard or mouse from a PC or Mac for the sake of being able to do any keyboard or mouse input to get around the problem. The annoying notification appearing in the bottom centre of the screen.