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Plus, keep all your apps updated. VirtualBox is a family of powerful x86 virtualization products for enterprise as well as home use. Presently, VirtualBox runs on Windows, Linux and Mac hosts and supports a large number of guest operating systems including but not limited to Windows NT 4. VirtualBox is being actively developed with frequent releases and has an ever growing list of features, supported guest operating systems and platforms it runs on.

VirtualBox is a community effort backed by a dedicated company: Discover New Mac Apps. Mac Update. Promo Desktop Apps for you Blog. Sign in with Facebook or. Sign in now Forgot password? Create new account. VirtualBox 6. Follow This App Developer website: Download Now. See discussion Is VirtualBox really the best app in System category? See discussion. Version 6. Virtualization core: User interface: Handle command line arguments to VirtualBox correctly Improvements to machine manager window, virtual optical disk creator, storage selector window and log viewer window Various small fixes and improvements Audio: Implemented time More Requirements for VirtualBox macOS Related Links.

Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right. I was confused by this too. I did a checksum on the 1 part and the 7 part, and they are the same files. Just one is separate, smaller files. Hi, I followed every steps properly VirtualBox , even re-did twice, but still I have a Panic crash at first startup.

I start the VM and Insert the dmg file. This worked for me: Hi, Can you help me? The operating system works, you just have to follow the steps, it is important to exit VirtualBox before executing the commands. If you have Hyper-V installed, VirtualBox does not work. Not sure if missing something here, but any guide to accomplish the XCode installation would be really much appreciated.

Hi Mukhtar, I have followed the exact instructions but still getting the Guru msg. Pls help. Great guide! I got everything to work without issues the first time setting this up, thank you. I can now, finally, start experimenting with xcode. I might add that the only thing I miss in this guide is how to scale the guest OS screen resolution to fit my screen size.

I looked around and saw that you have another guide for this here, but it should be mentioned as a footnote. Here is another guide for fixing screen resolution. Hello — I am getting the following error- Failed to open a session for the virtual machine High Sierra.

Configuration error: ConsoleWrap Interface: I have done all the steps you mentioned closing VB before running the commands etc. Any idea what this cloud be? Try to delete the old one and Re-extract then try the same method. Worked beautifull. However, How do I make it go full screen please? Thanks for sharing your feedback, here is a fix for you: Everything Working! Just used this tutorial to install on Microsoft Surface tablet. Either way, thank you for constructing this tutorial.

Also, after getting to installation screen, it was giving me error not enough space. Thank dear for sharing your feedback. Currently, there is no fix for the iMessage and Facetime issue on VirtualBox. First of all thanks for this it worked perfect for me! I have a little question: I only have x on the mac settings. Thanks for sharing your feedback dear James and here is a fix for you: No need to install extensions or something like that.

For guru meditation error just quit VBox before adding the code to cmd then run the code. If this method does not work just select the version Mac OS X 64 and try again. Dear Wikigain, Thanks for taking time to post this well-structured tutorial for installing macOS on a Virtual Machine. I have only 1 question before trying it out myself.

Is step 5, where you input the configuration code in CMD, going to interfere with my other Virtual Machines installed? Linux Ubuntu and Debian. The advantages of VMware or VirtualBox is the same. Thanks for great instructions. Any suggestion? Many thx. I successfully got Sierra running, but it is very low resolution and extremely laggy. How can I fix this? Follow this guide. Awesome thanks! How would I fix the severe lag problem? The mouse lags far behind my real mouse.

Hi, thanks for the instructions, but I when I try to boot to install, I just get a black screen. I followed the instructions exactly and additionally played around with assigning more CPUs, changing the chipsets settings — but no luck. I noticed that some people here reported the same problem. I desperately need to make this work. This method work on some of the AMD system as well.

How to Install macOS Sierra on VirtualBox - Windows 10, 8, 7

Follow this guide https: When I go to paste in the line after you cd into the directory, I get the following 3 error lines. Windows 10 Core i7 The core problem of loop boot incorrect key: How to fix: Do Step4. These things are being told in the guide as well but the people do not read the article carefully but again thank dear Lockevn for sharing your nice feedback. I have this error after all steps and even if i retry all steps a millions times perfectly, I always get the same error: Failed to open a session for the virtual machine macOS.

Follow this guide: Hi, You can follow this guide to fix all your problem: The same setup works without any tricks on a celeron machine with 2GB memory and 1 core. You could include the info that AMD FX is not supported rather than say everybody should test it themselves. This is the latest article that we published on our website to help you guys fix your problem.

Hi, I followed your installation but I get the following error msg: Hello dear, Please follow this guide to fix your issue. If you want to know how to make extra bucks, search for: Hardware reset USB Operational Adding variable 8be4dfcad2-aa0deb8c:: Replacing variable 8be4dfcad2-aa0deb8c:: Adding variable 4cfddcb97a83ffdfa:: Adding variable 4d1edeca6a-9ccbcca8b38c Adding variable 7cab2a-4bbb-afec9f USB Suspended You may check once the following settings.

Set up your CPU Core: If it works please let us know. Because we want to create an article regarding this issue and other problems. Image is fixed and the mouse does not respond. Hello, Is there any chance that we can update OS to the I was able to download the update from the AppStore but after the restart of the machine I am still on the older version and the update is still available to install.

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Upgrade to the final version which is High Sierra Thanks very much for this post. I was able to have Mac How can I upgrade to The reason I want to upgrade to You can follow this guide to upgrade to any version you want https: Thanks for the response. I did tried this. After the reboot of VM, the upgrade did not happen. What should I do? Follow this article: Error allocating 0x14b6 pages at 0x alloc type 2 Error loading kernel cache 0x9 Boot failed.

A critical error has ocurred while running the virtual machine and the execution has been stopped. Hello dear, Please read this guide and get help from there: Hi, thanks for this amazing tutorial that works very well. However can I give you some advice? The name of the virtual machine should not have spaces to avoid any problem.

But once again thanks for that great work. You should really put that in the guide mate, so people dont waste 2 hours of their time with this BS. Just stuck on Black screen during boot. After I insert my account pwd at the login screen, I got the busy wheel and beach ball running forever. Any solution to this. Hi, Mukhtar, thanks so much, for your time and effort to contribute with us. All working pretty good, except audio. Thanks in advance, have a good day. I have not tried before but you can try. It seems that you have miss understand the guide.

Please read it again or watch the video carefully then you will get everything that is required. Actually it never asked me that. I have even executed all the steps above including closing the VirtualBox, running the commands, etc… but not luck. If you want I can send you the logs.

Try to edit the Virtual Machine Name inside the code. Sorry for my ignorance but where can I find the Virtualbox code? Also, I used the same exact Virtual Machine Name. I just got what you meant by the Virtualbox code, I did edit it and changed the name to MacOS Sierra as the machine name in the configuration and ran the code while the Virtualbox is closed.

The VT is enabled in the bios and the windows vbox is working fine. My main OS is linux. Okay, I have a new one. I am running Ubuntu Now I bought a new laptop, I copied the vmdk file from the old laptop to the new as well as the. I can resume the saved snapshot and it opens well, I can save it again and open but if I shutdown the MacOS and try to start it, it fails. Got any pointers? I copied a windows OS and it works fine. What could be the problem and how should I fix it?

When for the first time you open it gives you an option to choose from. Did you moved the file or copied the file. Choose copied the file and after that, it should not ask you. Its not working for me. I really appreciate what you did here. Do you have a Windows 10 VBox that we can use in a similar way? I am still getting the Guru meditation screen with the critical error message. I follow all the steps.

I close VB before setting the commands and I have restarted my computer but still not working. Any ideas? I follow all the steps and I still get the Guru meditation screen with the critical error message. Hello, I followed the instructions and have sierra The problem is that the updates to All the update reach the reboot phase but the machine stop to update at 17 min left or 10 min left always 10 min left for update to When you update to the latest version it downloads the 4 or 5 GB file.

So during this update, your internet connection should not be lost. As I said, I tryed also with the offline combo updates! The internet connection seems not involved. Virtualbox Version 5. The virtual disk grow correctly. I can sign in with my Apple ID. But no updates installation work. It does not work for me. It is not entirely clear from the instructions. I have installed successfully in the virtualbox but the mac is working very slow.

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I have 8 gb of ram and intel core i3 processor. Any solution for solving this? I think not working with my AMD processor. Hello, I have intel pentium G processor x64 bit processor and windows 10 64 bit and 8 GB of ram will it work??? Nice Article! Got it working pretty quick. Only thing is that it runs really slow. Any new tweaks for that problem? Maybe increase the CPUs or something?

But this is not the same on VMware: Got it to work! You should add this to the tutorial. Hi, it is working well on my Ubuntu It downloads the macOS updates using the App Store then it reboots and no update are applied. Can anyone help me? The only things that pop up are this: IOGraphics flags 0x43 Previous shutdown cause: I tried that extra line of code. Did you edit the Virtual Machine Name inside the Code? Follow this guide it will help you to fix your screen resolution on macOS on VirtualBox. Hey dear, Watch the video tutorial: Certain guests e. If you are having trouble it is because you may not have noticed there are two sets of instructions in the commands only keep for the version of Virtualbox you are using.

Change operating system version from mac os x But how do I get Sierra in a portable virtualbox to run? For my portable Version the Path is: Hi Faiz, many thanks for your response. I had tried it several times and then I switched to the VMware Player. Runs absolute smoothly. Thnks for the work, got it run on Win Maybe change something. Before 2 say to quit VBox before run cms. If its open it will not work. I followed the directions to the letter and ran the commands several times but to no avail.

It just keeps rebooting over and over again. Thank you for all of your hard work. It works really well and I have Sierra up and running on my Windows 10 machine. Sorry if this has been asked before — but Shared Folders and Clipboard do not seem to work for me..

Ok thanks. I thought I might need to install Guest Additions but could not install those — and perhaps you already did that in your virtual disk anyway? I get this reboot loop because of: SMC returned incorrect key. My VM is now working!!! Does anyone else experience issues with the sound? I can get sound but when I play someone on Youtube or in iTunes it sounds like someone has taken a song and slowed it down. Help please. It works finally! After some flickings on boot, I check your step 5.

I exited the virtualbox and re-run the command. The start vb and the machine. And it works! Great work! I installed on Virtualbox on Linux Mint Mate It worked perfectly. Then I was able to update the screen resolution with the instructions at https: Excellent instructions and very helpful web pages.

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Keep up the good work!! It is generally working fine. However, in web browsers I get flashing artifacts popping up, for example, shadows around pop up boxes that flicker and then go away. Is there a resolution to this issue? No dear, still there is no solution for those kinds of issues because the VirtualBox does not support it. This is my virtualbox log. I used VBox 5. Other than that, it worked great. Has anyone had problems with the connection? The problem is that in the network settings says that the cable is not connected, and in VirtualBox is. My specs are: Or is my machine not powerful enough.

Also — before executing the commands in step 5 — make sure no virtualbox processes are running with the Resource Monitor. I tried several times without luck, and when I used the resource monitor to verify that no vbox related processes where running and vbox related resources in use — it worked.

Mukhtar Jafari, maybe it should be great to add this info to this article just in the paragraph when you describe the VBoxManage. I think it will prevent many flood in the comments, as long as it makes all the diference! Ok dear. I reply all the comments by mobile and as soon as I get in a secure place I will add it Thanks for informing. So bad. Iam getting Guru Meditation Critical error, even if i done everything correctly with closing VBox during the cmd step. My Specs: Windows 10 Pro CPU: Intel Core i5 K 3. A Good howto tip: All installed.

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It was on a boot loop before that. Works even in Virtualbox 5. I am having a problem. It says: A critical error occured while running the virtual machine and the machine execution has stopped. If you would like to know I am running and Intel iU 2. I followed all the instructions carefully and even repeated all the steps twice — and increased processor count to 4, but it still is not working. Here is my log: Please can you help me fix it because I really want to run macOS. The secret to install macos Sierra on virtualbox before adding the code to cmd exit virtualbox and make sure you add the code to cmd.

Replace the virtual machine name in the code that is for virtualbox Your virtual machine name should match with code otherwise it will not work. Setup 6 error Guru meditation A critical error has occurred while running the virtual the machine execution has been stopped. I had the same issue others were having with the bootloop, but that was fixed with me actually following the instructions.

Doing Exit takes me to a menu, no matter where I go from there it always ends up back at this screen. Enable virtualization technology from your bios and run the code to cmd Make sure you exit the virtualbox before adding the code. Same exact problem. Virtualization is enabled in BIOS. All cmd commands run as Admin while VirtualBox was shut down.

Can you make video how you install macOS on VirtualBox? Watch the video down below deeply. Have Sound problem intel hd audio play sound in slow motion, have Intel i3 CPU youtube and other musik in virtual Box all slow motion. Linux say to my audio Hardware is Audio device: Yeah, it the most of out macOS Sierra on VirtualBox because you can install the guest addition and fix all the issue. But you can fix issues like the sound on VMware because there you can install VMware tools and fix the most common problems including graphics, sound, etc.

Hi there. Is there a DIY method to create such a file? Is it a patched version? Would be really interested in this! Thanks in advance. I even rebooted my computer. The machine is not mutable state is Saved VBoxManage. Check out this article dear: I have followed all the instructions, including the close the app before running cmd as an admin.

Hi there, thanks for this great guide! The only step which was unclear was from 4 to 5: I followed the instructions exactly, including the code steps. I limited myself to setting up the vb exactly as shown in the photos and I created a batch file from the included code. There were no errors when I ran the batch file.

I even named my Sierra vb the same as the example. Thank you, this actually works!! Make sure you close the Virtual Box while entering the code in the cmd prompt. Yeah this note is being told several time but the readers do not pay attention to it. Save this into a file, make it executable and run it. Fix your problem Here.

VirtualBox binaries

I have intel chipset. The booting restarts again and again. Are you sure is it works? As i can see, there is a lot of similar problem. I went into the log files to check, and here is what it said: Here is a screenshot of the actual error pop-up uploaded to Imgur: Hi bro, thanks for great article.

Btw I have problem after click power on wmware as mac os x is not supported with binary translation. Its works very good. Thx for help. Can you help me? Most of the error occurs due to VirtualBox code. When you are entering the code to cmd make sure, you should quit the VirtualBox then it will work. Make sure you quit the VirutalBox before adding the code.

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This work on most of Intel based system. You might have done something wrong. I tryed it with virtualbox 5. Use this article to find out your system BIOS: Hey Guys, Just solved the reboot problem!!!!! If you made the mistake, to do the cmd thing while vb was opened, you need to reinstall the whole thing! That includes reunarchiving the image and reinstalling virtual box with reboot! That worked for me! I hope, I could help some of you!

This worked for me running VirtualBox on a Debian Linux host following the steps almost 1: Also, obviously remove the.

Screen resolution fix also worked, although I would love to know how to set custom resolutions namely p. I think it would require also modifying some configs in the guest OS. I tried to work it out from some other info I found online, but nothing has worked so far. Greatly looking forward to the tutorial on getting iMessage to work, as I see mentioned above in a comment from Jan 7 ! Also just learned that USB pass-through works! Trying this setup on both VirtualBox 5.

I have tried to remove all VirtualBox installations and start from scratch at least a dozen times and not getting this going anywhere. Hello Same laptop: To fix this error just check out this post. Just run extradata cmd command: Magic — this extra CPUM command got me through the critical error on startup. No idea what it does or the conversation that led you to post it, but thanks! Did you ever get this figured out? Check out this guide https: Very nice article, thanks for the helpful instructions! Yes, you can Install if your system is compatible with macOS.

Hi, Here functioning but what i do for adjuste resolution for xx32 or xx32 on Sierra OS. Here only show xx I have executed one clean install after load the VM downloaded here reinstall one clean copy and functioning all minus update resolution for display. During Step 3, there are no 64 bit versions in the drop down list. Step 4, part 3, I cannot go over 1 processor. Virtualbox 5. I also can not go past 1 processor. Having issues with the unlocker. Try again from Step 5. Fixed this error by rebooting host machine and re-entering commands to cmd donnow which action actually fixed the problem Now everything works fine.

Tnx, wikigain! I followed the steps but i get the Considerrebuildofkernel notification wich it stays on.

Could anyone assist me? Use this guide: Everything worked OK. I did everything acording to the video and after I start my virtual machine it gives me this error: Read this guide: Help me! How can I fix it? Watch this video carefully then go according to the video. You might have missed any step. Otherwise, it will not work.

I had to enable some settings not specified in this tutorial but were visible in the authors VirtualBox screenshot luckily! Is it possible? I tried once installing it and all I got was a black screen. If it is not possible on VM are there any workarounds. If it IS possilbe to run this without an i7 then I did something wrong. Please is someone can reply. I would be highly grateful. The main and most important thing to fix this issue.

Details of error: Read the article, and try once again. Particularly No. Worked for me! After two years of previous attempts at getting a Hackintosh to work on VirtualBox. As others have said, Step 5 should include the instruction to quit VirtualBox before running the commands. The first issue you will run into is that the mouse will not be captured by the guest MacOS up on booting into first configuration menu.

You can get around this by capturing your mouse directly in the VBox menu. The next problem you will run into is that the first time configuration menu will not allow you to login with your Apple account. It will give you a message stating that this machine is no longer authorized to do so.

Works flawlessly. Just ignore and continue. Can still log in with an existing Apple ID.. Just go to the Apple website and create an ID. Make use that this option is enabled then try again. One more thing I have to mention for you. If you did not fix the problem let us know. The same error. I unistalled virtual box, I downloaded and installed Virtual Box 5. Well I was gonna say that the VM is permanently rebooting without ever getting to the welcome screen and ask for an explication, but obviously this is the case for everyone… So my question: Did this work for anyone here?

Cuz it really looks like this is simply another non-working tutrial you can find on the internet. I suggest you repeat step 5. Also use the updated code for VirtualBox. If you don not exit the VBox, it may not work correctly. Also, this time use this code: Thank you everything worked ok, is there any way to change screen resolution? Yes dear, you can change it here: It may be noted that I am trying to do this on another drive not the C: I also changed the command prompt code to M: You must enable it.

It was crashing at first, but then I skipped two first lines from code. Thanks for a tutorial and files! I have done all the steps correctly but when I start Virtual Machine it does not show anything. It shows only black screen without any running code.

Can you help me please? Fix your problem Here https: The same happens to me. I have done all the steps correctly! Hi dear Petter. We have updated the code just download the new version from the link in the post then try step 5 one more time. It will work completely. Hello I made a Vm and it works thanks to you. But I have a problem of his it is cut and the sound serious voice deformed and slowed down. He does not have a fix for it. You do not have a line of code that resolves the problem. You may give a try on VMware: Everything works fin until step 6.

I get no errors during step 5. When I then start the vm in step 6 I just get a black screen.. Nothing happens.. My system is Lenovo W with Intel Core i Just repeat Step 5 once again. Because most of the people have this error when they add the code to the cmd correctly. The problem will be solved. Keep in mind that before adding code, you must exit VirtualBox and it should not be opened while adding the code to CMD.

Sorry Mukhtar, but I have now repeated step 5 multiple times.. I shut down VirtualBox, open cmd normally and enter er 6 lines. No errors. I then open VirtualBox again, check that video mem is set to MB, and start the vm.. Same result.. Just a black screen.. Also, it works on most of AMD but not at all. Just found the answer for my edit problem. I was missing a file. You can get it here https: Install macOS The code is the same there is not much difference.

Thank you for this guide. Hello, you can create a copy of the file into your G-drive account and download it from there if the download limits for the file has been reached. Well , I did read thoroughly… Still have no clue how to edit the code before going into the cmd prompt.. Would love to get some more help. First of all thank you very much for this guide! I am absolutly new to this so forgive me if I have ignorand questions. I get stuck at step 5 I understand I have to edit the VM -name. This is not an answer. Eric is right. I cannot find this file and this step is absolutely unclear.

On top of that, your answer is equally confusing. To get full-screen mode you need to have install VMware tools. Please try to step 5. If it did not work let us know Good luck! Can i get the same file using torrent. Hi all I was also stucked in the VM booting point, with the rebooting over rebooting error reported by some of us.

Just to share my experience, to me it worked to close all VM and the program virtualbox and redo step 5, then open it again and run the VM. Your solution worked for me. It just got stucked at booting but doing what you wrote worked like a charm! Hi, everything is working great. How could I create a shared folder between them? Great then and have fun. For sharing files just read this step by step guide https: Apply Step 5 once again and be aware of increasing the Ram size as well.

Before adding the code to the cmd, do remember that exit the VirtualBox then add those codes. Good luck! I try make it in VirtualBox, but the process is stopped in the screen https: Correct link: Sorry for late reply Just follow step 5 thoroughly once again because you might have done any mistake. And get infinite reboot then with this error. For some reason this process was running even after closing VirtualBox. Mukhtar, thanks for the work! But why it shows only 3mb video?

Restart VirtualBox as Admin. First I had the same problem, now it works. I hope, I could help you. I followed the instructions and installed Sierra virtual machine with no problem. For my purposes i had to change the Network settings but other than that everything else works fine. Unfortunately, this one does not work for me: And when i try to install macOS, my virtualbox do that: And he did the same loop again and again…. So I suggest you try once on VMware and it works or not. You can get help from this article for VMware: You can try from one of the following if this happens:.

My environment: Windows 7 with 4 Gb ram and 2 core Intel Celeron E 2. When I applied: Got it all working, great manual, thank you. Easier than ever. Now what can I do to get a full screen resolution? If you want to fix the resolution then follow this article: Sounded really too easy. Step 5 goes right into guru meditation. Using VB Version 5. Fix your problem here https: What could have I missed? Also send your system information in reply. I following the steps correctly. Try once again and read the article carefully. Or visit the topic below to solve your problem.

The CMD stucks an the last step: Can you help please? My Enviroment: Can you help? I have HP Pavilion Notebook i7 windows Hi, memory is MB Chipset: Pls read the guide thoroughly. Hey, I dont know why but after following the same process I am having this thing where it says waiting for DSMOS… and then it repeats the process again and again. Here is the link where you can see my problem. I was trying to download the Complete Zip file with IDM Internet Download Manager Since Its a fairly big file I can not download it in one session, IDM allows you to pause and resume downloads but when I try to resume this one… I get an error message saying that my session as expired….

Can someone please assist me.. Yes dear, try different times when you have the capability to resume the downloading files of macOS Sierra then keep downloading. I have a Apple Key Store error.

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