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Wiz khalifa, J. All were on the come up at this same time and all were constantly on my iPod. Idk maybe I'm just washed but the irl hiphop conversations I had back then felt much more "deep" and the culture as a whole felt more connected. Streaming is convenient but it makes music feel totally disposable. I also found myself more willing to give projects more than one listen if I didn't like them back then, some of them really grew on me.

I agree. I sometimes feel like the cornucopia of options is making it harder to connect with people through music. My memories of this time period and a few years before are great, buddy finds a dope new mixtape, download and bump it all night while partying Never listened to more hip-hop than back in those days. Still some of my favorite rappers and the mixtapes from that window are the go-to for some chill songs to blaze it with.

Mac has impacted my life in a way no other artist has. That's just painful to read. I never really felt Mac Miller that much, still don't, I won't lie. But damn. Only 8 years? It still feels like yesterday that I was showing my friend his then brand new music video for Knock Knock in hs. Crazy, the older i get the shorter everything seems. KIDS brings me back to late high school where me and my buddy would listen to Mac Miller and go pk on runescape.

Simpler times.

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Same here. Still remember the moment I first heard it and instantly fell in love with his music. Still crushes me. Timeless song. Shit, I feel like every Mac album can capture a specific moment in my life when I hear it. The similar age we had and him going through the same steps in life along with me us just made the album's hit home one after another. They bring back memories everytime I play them. RIP to my homie who was always there even though he didn't know it. I still can't fucking believe it. Not being able to look forward to new Mac music is This is why this hit me so hard.

I loved guys like Bowie but I didn't get to grow up with them. Gonna be completely honest here.

Mac Miller

This video was my first exposure to Mac and I loved the way this song sounded So I never went back to the song or Mac. Then a few years later I was at a festival he was playing at, and I fucked with the entire set, but at one point he covered Three Little Birds by Bob Marley and it was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. Dude just had such good vibes. Not sure where I was going with this. Guess the post just reminded me of what a presumptuous asshole I was. RIP my dude. Are you my roommate? He said the exact same thing.

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He didn't like Mac solely because he looked like some skater douche from highschool. I was finally able to change his opinion. As someone who went to high school with him, he absolutely was sorta a douche. But he was fun and he was harmless. I used to go to parties with the same circle of friends that his gf used to go to at Temple. This was right when KIDS dropped and it was being played all the time.

He seemed like a nice enough guy. I also talked to people who knew him in high school. They said he was just that spastic little white kid always freestyling and shit in the corner of the cafeteria with his friends. Dude no lie I had the exact same reaction when I saw this vid and a couple others of him way back. I think it's the fact that Mac naturally has the textbook definition of a shit-eating grin lmao. Even though I thought he looked like a bit of a dink I couldn't deny the music was sick so I slowly ended up exploring all his shit and over the years grew to be a big fan.

This is my literal high school, and it is so surreal being a former classmate of Mac's and having everyone feel like they were one too. Same here bro, been in the rotation ever since. I really feel like his music grew up with us too.. Civics are the shit. This video was the first place I ever saw that box logo It was also sampled in. I was just thinking of remaking it via some Rhodes thing. You should check out whosampled if you don't already know about it.

It makes finding samples for songs super easy. I remade it last night! I can't find the higher chord that hits on the second bar, in that sample. If you pitch up the first chord hit 3 tones you get close though. Super fun to remake. Felt great to pay some type of tribute to a man that provided great music to me for so long. Holy fuck dude Hey glad I could share some music with someone who truly appreciates it. Not enough people in my life currently who do. I feel you.

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I also really like Under The Weather when it rains. The instrumental just screams "rain. Those were the first songs I heard by him! Those two songs bring back so many high school memories of rolling up in the parking lot in between classes with the homies. I honestly can't listen to him right now. It's too raw. It hurts too much. I tried - sucks so fucking much. WTF Mac. God damnit. Still so upset and so hurt. God dammit that music video man. Young Mac rapping.

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At least he got to live out his dreams before he went. Fuck addiction. Has to be one of my most played songs ever, had this on repeat when I was highschool, and I never get tired of Mac's flow and this beat. I bet all those people feel bad now for burning their Nikes. Now they cant relate to one of Mac's best songs. I could see some Massachusetts kids being in that demographic. The type of kid to tell you how dope the latest Migos song is then scream the n-word when they die in Fortnite. These guys are way more common than people realize.

Mac Miller Best Day Ever Free Mp3 Download

I highly doubt that somebody who listens to Mac, a part of hip hop culture, will be one of the retards burning Nikes right now. I was deep in a "old school hip-hop only" phase during Freshman year of HS, so I barely listened to anyone not from the 80's and 90's. Took me a while to get into Mac, but hearing him rap over this kind of beat alongside hearing his freestyles made me stick around and I'm glad I got to see the journey he made throughout his career.

Yeah I immediately labeled him as new school frat boy rap, thought he was similar to Asher Roth. Boy was I wrong. I was smoking a blunt and someone was playing this in their car and I was like, 'WHOis this guy hes pretty good!? You guys remember the Snapbacks vs Fitted war. I remember Mac got me turned onto snapbacks and I think that started my streetwear obsession I ended up with. I'm as old school as it gets, kid I worked with told me to check out Mac Miller One of the best hip hop songs of the last 10 years.

KIDS was just a fun mixtape for cruisin with your homies to me. It still is, but listening back now, it was actually really ahead of its time. I was 18 when this came out. Me and Mac the same age and this song really paved the way for me to be a sneakerhead and a hiphophead. It's so nostalgic to hear. Man I was in my early 20s when this came out. I remember I just got my first well paying job, went out and got me like 10 snapbacks and a pair of Jordans and would roll around in my Kia Sportage bumping this song so hard.

I thought is was the shit. RIP Mac and thanks for being part of some great memories. Just got back from his vigil, it was pretty nice. Blue Slide was just completely covered with people dancing, if you'd never been there you wouldn't know a slide was even there. Pretty nice way to remember him. This was the first song I heard by Mac and it got me hooked instantly. Definitely listen to them if you havent, jim james is a goat.

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And i have to say, I'm really going to miss this dude. I remember bumping Macadelic walking home from summer school while high after this album I got really surprised with how much his style shifted it was great. It's very haunting that the title of his last record is called Swimming and I think a lot of people can really connect with that feeling..

This song takes me backkk. Who woulda knew a few years later he would be one of my favorite rappers and one of the best dudes in the new school. I put on Objects in the Mirror the other day and it made me tear up. RIP Mac. This is fucking great. Absolutely love the instrumental and the sample.

Mac Miller - Poppy Instrumental Remake jesse b. There was no instrumental on RU-clip and my friend said I should do one so to anyone who wanted an instrumental but couldnt find one on youtube, here you Mac Miller has been to more than a few parties in his short life. We asked the year-old rapper what would happen if he hosted the most epic party of all time, My favorite song off of the mixtape. I love his singing songs for some reason.

I love how he doesn't autotune it and just leaves it as him. Subscribe for more Mac Miller Music Videos! Good afternoon, Class of My name is NCMusicForYou 6 years ago. Mac Miller-Weekend drum cover feat. Miguel Josh DeCoster 3 years ago. Josh DeCoster, 21 year old drummer from Omaha Nebraska. If ya dig the cover give it a thumbs up or a sub! Thank you very much for watching this one was a Mac Miller - Knock Knock live Splash! Mac Miller auf dem Splash! Mac Miller - Pet Sounds Ft. DL Link: Today I wasnt going to post but I just had to show love.

Happy birthday Mac macmiller tribute lovingmemory. I do not own this song, it belongs to its rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended. admin