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To finish the process, select convert to save the. You are now ready to import your exported Apple Contacts into your Office account after you have transitioned to Office Apple Contacts Mac OS Help Desk KB Team. This document contains instructions on using a non-Microsoft email client, such as Apple Mail or Thunderbird.

Exporting to a CSV

As long as the spreadsheet is well-organized, the entire process should only take a few minutes even if you have hundreds of email addresses to import. Click "Save. Examine the worksheet.

The first row should contain titles for each column. If this isn't there, insert a new first row by clicking the first cell A1 and then selecting "Row" from the Insert menu. Delete any rows or columns that do not contain information necessary for the address book. Save the worksheet by selecting "Save" from the File menu. Launch Address Book on the Mac computer. All of the email addresses will be imported into this group. Select "Import" from the File menu.

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Look at the information in the left pane of the Address Book window. Each column header is paired with an Address Book entry. The Map Custom Fields dialog box appears.

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  • Under From , you'll see a box with the column names from the CSV file you're importing. Under To , you'll see the standard fields that Outlook uses for contacts. If a field matches a column in the CSV file, you'll see your column under Mapped from. The fields Name , First Name , and Last Name are standard Outlook contact fields, so if the contact information in your file has any of those contact names, you're good to go.

    Import From Excel to Address Book? - Apple Community

    You'll probably need to do some manual mapping. For example, in this imported file, the contact's cell phone is in a column named "Cell Ph. But you can find a suitable match in Outlook by doing this:. Click the plus sign to expand what's under it, and you'll see a good match, Mobile Phone.

    In the pane on the left, drag Cell Ph and drop it on Mobile Phone in the right pane. One at a time, drag the rest of the values from the left pane to the appropriate Outlook fields in the right pane. For example, you might drag Address to either Home Street or Business Street , depending on the type of address for your contacts. To view your contacts in Outlook , at the bottom of the navigation bar, choose the People icon.

    Import and export Outlook email, contacts, and calendar.

    How to Import Contacts to Mac Address Book

    To create a new folder in Outlook, right-click the Contacts folder, click New Folder , type a name for the new folder, and then click OK. Click the File tab in the Ribbon, and then click Open on the menu. Select Import from another program or file , and then click Next. If the file that is displayed is not the correct file, click Browse , browse to the folder that is mentioned in step 3, and then double-click the file to select it.

    If you are importing into a new folder, the Options settings are irrelevant because there are no duplicates. If you are not importing to a new folder, choose the most logical selection. Click Allow duplicates if you are not sure, and then click Next. Click the Contacts folder or another contacts-type folder that you have created, and then click Next. If you are not sure that the column names in the first row of the spreadsheet will map correctly to the Outlook fields, click Map custom fields to verify them.

    To create a new folder in Outlook, click Contacts , right-click the Contacts folder, and then click New Folder , type a name for the new folder, and then click OK. admin