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Typinator - Text expansions I use the app to fully automate writing repetitive text. I share all the Typinator sets I made with the app here. BetterTouchTool - Mac input customizer I use this app a lot for mapping various trackpad gestures to hotkeys and actions both globally and per specific apps. I love scrolling through my tabs in Safari with three finger swipes left and right as well as opening and closing tabs with swiping up and down respectively.

I share all the different gestures I have setup to use with the app that you can view and download. I also use the app to modify how my TouchBar looks.

How to Launch Applications on a Mac

This app is a huge upgrade over Preview app that I used before. Multiple tabs, sepia mode, very nice annotation tools, great search, performance. Fantastical - Calendar I use the app to manage events in my life. I take great use of Fantastical's natural language input and I use many Typinator expansions to ease this process. I always view my events from Week view. And show 5 days only with all 24h shown for all days. This lets me have a perspective over what I have to do now.

What deadlines I have to complete soon. And gives me the freedom to adjust my schedule in light of upcoming deadlines and events. Contexts - Window switcher Allows me to fuzzy search through all the currently active windows that I have. Makes jumping to the right window I need effortless. I often may have many VS Code instances with different projects running and this lets me switch to the project I need in seconds. Dictionary Comes natively with macOS and I started to love using it for exploring and searching through Wikipedia.

It is incredibly fast to make the searches and it gives quick autosuggestions for any query I type that I can then select with up and down arrows. Bartender - Menu bar organizer Allows you to customize and hide the contents of your menu bar and improve the aesthetics of your OS. Here is how mine looks: My menu bar is always hidden so I rarely ever use it and I show most needed info on the TouchBar instead.

Focus - Block distracting websites I use Focus app as a recurring pomodoro timer which lets me work in sessions of 80 minutes with 10 min breaks by blocking distracting websites and apps. If I go to any of my blocked websites during my Focus time, I am greeted with this message. Annotate - Create and annotate screenshots Best annotation tool I found to exist. After you make a screenshot, it allows for quick edits. Adding arrows, some text, blurring parts of the image as well as ability to quickly save the image or drag it to Dropzone to upload to Imgur to share the link quickly with anyone I want.

Popclip - iOS like mouse text selection popover Another great utility I cannot live without, brings up a quick menu whenever some text is selected on which I can do a number of quick actions, like searching on Google, DuckDuckGo, YouTube, Dictionary, Reddit, Google Images or it can translate text selected, copy it or even make a SnippetsLab snippet from it. Here is how it looks for me: I share all the extensions I use with it here. Noizio - Ambient sounds I sometimes like listening to sounds of rain, train or fire to focus.

Although Nils Frahm is better. Hammerspoon - Automation tool Powerful automation engine I am still exploring. My config for it can be seen here. I use RSS to follow my favorite blogs, stay up to date on new podcast episodes and even track some software releases. I use Inoreader to sync blogs I follow between phone and mac.

1. List All Apps Using Finder and TextEdit

Here is how Reeder looks like for me: Dropzone - Drag and drop actions A quick utility that pops up when I drag some file into it or open it with a hotkey, use it to upload images to Imgur , dropping files into a preset number of folders that I made quickly as well as going to them in an instant. Takes a bit of time to set it up correctly and is quite an insightful experience first turning it on and having it notify every couple of seconds that some app is trying to send data to some server and whether you want to allow that. This is essential if you want to take control of what information gets sent out from your computer and what connections have the right to connect to your data.

Transmission - BitTorrent client A torrent client that I use. Very minimal in its UI but very powerful and has all the features that I need. Transmit - Transfer files I sometimes use this app to quickly send files from my local file system to the cloud and get a shareable link I can send to people. I use this Alfred workflow to quickly open the cloud storage I need. Paprika Recipe Manager Use the app to store the many vegan recipes I like to make. I use many extensions for it.

My config for it can be found here. Here is how it looks: I made my own Monokai Night theme for it. I also love using this workflow to quickly switch between active tty sessions. I go over how I use the app here. I use it primarily to edit markdown files like my wiki. I also edit config files and open large and small files for quick edits.

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I use many plugins together with Ayu theme. Dash - API Documentation Browser Allows you to download any docset that you might want to use, search for any method, class or anything that you need very quickly, comes with the amazing Alfred workflow to simplify the process of searching for the right things. I also use this workflow I made to quickly switch between Dash profiles. SnippetsLab - Snippet manager I use the app to manage my own personal library of snippets. I prefix all snippets I make. For example vim snippets are prefixed with vim: Git related snippets with git: This lets me then use the Alfred workflow that the app's author provides to search for these snippets insanely fast.

Here is how my library looks: I share my entire library of snippets as GitHub Gists. Tower - Git client Use the app to help me version control any project I am working on. Love the ability to search through commits, check out branches with ease and searching through all the Git repositories I have on my mac with quick search. Neovim - Text Editor The best text editing experience you will ever get. It is worth learning it as you will start thinking about text editing differently.

I use some kind of vim bindings in any app I use and if there is a vim plugin for the app, I often use it. I use vim editor often when connecting to remote sessions and when I need a console editor. My Neovim config can be seen here. I use Monokai Night theme with many plugins. All issues I want to work on soon are put into Next queue and I work through each one, one by one. I created my own Monokai Night theme for it that I love. The app also has an awesome channel search feature that I use a lot.

Telegram - Messenger The app has a very clean interface, a native client for macOS and stickers.

How to List All Applications on a Mac

Chats are not encrypted by default and don't use approved cryptography but the client is amazing and fast. Spark - Email client Love how it smartly categorizes emails by categories. I approach all of my email tasks in GTD style. Keeping my email Inbox close to 0 at all times. Tweetbot - Twitter client I use the app to stay up to date and communicate on Twitter. Tweetbot is also blocked for me during my Focus time. I can only post tweets but I can't visit the app to see my feeds.

Twitter is my primary way to stay up to date on things and is my favorite social network after GitHub. I curate and publicly share all Twitter lists I personally use. Here is how that looks for me: Sblack - Slack client native Use it to replace the official bloated mess that Slack app is. Love its dark mode feature, fast startup time and lower RAM usage. My entire life's experiences lives encrypted in the journal. Adding photographs I made, the thoughts I had and events that happened to me. I document and review my life publicly too. If you don't journal, I suggest you to start, it is a very powerful mind cleanser and acts as a wonderful history record of your life.

Ulysses - Writing app The app I use to write all my Medium articles in.

Organize apps

All your writing in one place is the motto and the underlying design of the app. I hook up my wiki as an external folder and I love how it creates an index of everything that I can search over: I mostly use it's ability to export text to Medium. I use Monokai Night theme when I write. I describe my thoughts and approach to writing here.

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Marked - Preview rendered markdown files If I ever need to preview a readme or any other markdown file that I wrote or just want to read, this app is the best application for that I found. It also features live updating and quite a lot of customizable features. Design Sketch - Design tool Use the app to quickly prototype new designs. I also enjoy using Figma a lot. Also Read: If you inadvertently remove your Applications folder from Finder sidebar, you can get it back with following steps:.

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  • After restoring the Application folder in Finder, you can add it to Dock to quickly access Applications on Mac. Step 3. Then you can right-click on the folder on the Dock to set how you would like it displayed, i. Fan, List, Grid, etc. If you find this post helpful, please share this post to help more people. By the way, if you want to have some useful apps, click here to get 18 useful apps for Mac.

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