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How do you define "Unix distribution" and what do you mean by "being a Unix distribution"? I think that the GNU-ish sense of distributions as the set of operating systems which share the same core software, as defined in the answer, is the rightest one.

What is the Difference Between the macOS and Linux Kernels

UNIX is a brand. Unix is a operating system. They are two different things. Strictly speaking, Debian and Gentoo aren't Unix distributions, they're Linux distributions.

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Linux isn't Unix, it just works like Unix. If you post your edit as an answer, it will get my upvote.

Mac OS X Is Not a Linux Distribution, But

What is UNIX at all? Short answer: To quote the About Us page with my own emphasis in bold: What is a distribution? To quote Wikipedia: To quote Apple's Kernel Programming Guide: And to quote the same page: Darwin technology is based on BSD, Mach 3. Considerations Note that the word distribution appears to be mostly used when referencing operating systems which have the Linux kernel at its core.

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To quote this answer on our site in response to the question whether different BSD versions use same kernels: No, although there are similarities due to the historic forks. Each project evolved separately. Consider the copyright notice from this document: The true problem is that you the reader and I have way too much time to argue about the topic which lawyers should be arguing about.

Both operating systems share the same roots

Maybe we should be like Linux Torvalds and use terminology and OSs that just allows us to move on with the life and do the things we honestly care about and are supposed to care about. Rui F Ribeiro Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy Sorry for the multi edits, the lack of "a"s and "the"s made me a bit difficult following the entire text. The certification also in itself also does no mean much more that someone had the time and money to go through the certification process, and that has to be done in every version.

How to get Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux) on Mac OS X / macOS (Dual Boot)

IMO, reworking the text a little more, this has the potential to be a very good answer. Often the utilities are very old versions compared to the FreeBSD ones, and even a proper and recent IPv6 implementation took a long time to surface just in very recent versions. So this is the word I was looking for: Sergiy Kolodyazhnyy. Architecture Source: Rob Rob 1 2 9.

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Linux is everywhere – and will free your computer from corporate clutches

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