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I would myself prefer to run a policy throughout the day or on a timer that automatically renews the ticket instead of having the user manually run this when the problem has already occurred, it also seems as a further step Safari has to be reset for it to be able to realise that a new ticket has been issued. Keychain has become the bane of my life with AD bound Macs. Not sure if its still the case now but OS X traditionally didn't destroy existing tickets at logout.

This is very true, however, my users hardly ever reboot and thats why I have this issue, even with explaining to them the reboot and login connected to the network will remove this issue altogether they still don't listen.

Kerberos Ticket Renewal on MacOS Mountain Lion

Even to the extent they will bring the laptop round or call up and then say they have rebooted and it has not worked, go into terminal and do a simple uptime command and you can see the machine has been on from anywhere from 4 days to over 2 weeks. This particular issue contributes to a large number of calls to the helpdesk and I was just trying to see if I could reduce it. Even just a reboot to refresh the system for day to day running of apps etc seems to be a problematic reasoning to follow Thanks bentoms , This may be something I can use!

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There are some scripts on this site that will start nagging users when uptime reaches x number of days. I haven't used one at a client yet, but am about to. Dialog with your fellow IT professionals, gain insight about Apple device deployments, share best practices and bounce ideas off each other.

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    Kerberos Ticket Destroy and Renewal Posted: Just fellow Mac users. And Apple does not tell us anything until they do, and then they only tend to tell us about flashy GUI type stuff, no plumbing such as kerberos. Kerberos ticket autorenewal More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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    User profile for user: Servers Enterprise Speciality level out of ten: Kerberos ticket autorenewal Hi, Is there any roadmap developement planned in Mavericks or in Yosemite to make it possible, that Kerberos tickets do renew automatically? More Less. All replies Drop Down menu.

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